Traditional Broom

Traditional Broom


The Traditional Broom is our most popular broom, durable, functional, and a beautiful conversation piece.

It is useable on any surface and is a perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor living space; floors of wood, tile, marble, or sidewalks, decks, and porches.

The broom has a long, Sassafras handle that is smooth to the touch but retains the natural appearance of the wood, giving every handle its unique character. If you visit us in person at a craft fair or demonstration you will have the opportunity to choose a handle that suits you.

The head of the Traditional Broom is stitched flat in the design pioneered by the Shakers, and is attached to the handle with a decorative weave of broomcorn stalks.
Long lasting and durable, this broom will definitely be a conversation piece and makes a wonderful gift for all occasions, giving any sweeper years of satisfaction.

Height: 54"   Width: 10"

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I have really been enjoying sweeping with my broom! I have gotten numerous compliments on it and I enjoy telling the complimenters about your company. Hopefully they will buy some brooms from you too!
— Joseph