Fireplace Broom


The Fireplace Broom is a shorter adaptation of our Traditional Broom and is designed specifically for sweeping around your hearth. This broom is also ideal for spot cleaning in the kitchen, on the porch, or by the front door. Its size makes it an excellent child’s broom.

Similar to the Traditional Broom, the head of the Fireplace Broom is stitched flat to provide a wider sweep, following the design pioneered by the Shakers. The broomcorn is secured using wire and a decorative woven section of broomcorn stalks and all-natural jute. The handle is a piece of Sassafras that is smooth to the touch but retains the natural appearance of the wood, giving every broom is unique character. If you visit us in person at a craft fair or demonstration you will have the opportunity to choose a handle that suits you.

Height: 44"   Width: 10"

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