Cobweb Broom

Cobweb Broom


The Cobweb Broom is ideal for removing cobwebs from faraway corners, stairwells, and high ceilings. It has a long, thin, gnarly Sassafras handle and plaited top.

This lightweight broom gets to the heart of the matter and makes removing cobwebs an easy task. To clean, just take a damp cloth, wrap around the broom corn, and pull the cloth down the length of the fibers. This broom draws attention hung on the wall when not in use!

The Cobweb Broom is also handy for gathering animal hair for those with cats and dogs that shed, and it an ideal shape for reaching under furniture as well as around ceilings and window frames.

Height: 54"

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My broom arrived safely today and I absolutely Love it! Thanks for keeping the broom business going.
— Denise