Brooms for Drumming? Creating the Drum Brush

This week we’ve been working on a new creation: Broomcorn Drum Brushes. The idea came from a local drummer who approached us, looking an alternative sound to common wire brushes used by percussionists.

Intrigued, we put together a couple of samples, based on our popular Turkey Wing Whisk - they share the wide sweeping head and wire wrap. However we made these brushes with narrower handles, woven with a thin cord instead of thicker jute that we normally use. We also added a line of stitching to help the brush maintain its shape.

We are excited about the results! David and his drumming friend Russ tested the brushes and were pleased with the sound. I shot a video of the brushes in action with Russ’ djembe which is posted on our Facebook page – click the link below to watch.

If you like the sound (and look) of the brushes, they are available to purchase here.